Newborn Portrait Session

while pregnancy can feel like forever, the first year with baby goes so quickly. having these first moments documented is a forever treasure.

baby will arrive on his or her own schedule,  unless you have a planned induction date or scheduled c. please don’t stress about this part. I will have your due date marked on my calender and we will be able to schedule your session for a date once baby arrives.

location - whether your session is at home or on location I like to take a very relaxed approach and just document everything as it happens, the baby details, the nursery, feedings, snuggles and everything in between. This session is led by baby.


I really want to tell you that your home is a great space and it doesn’t have to be perfect, life isn’t perfect, add a baby & it’s a little more messy and it’s completely normal and it's totally ok and there's no need to feel weird about it.

This session will be filled with moments of love and feelings and there might be tears - baby tears, mom tears, toddler tears and dad tears, and there’s probably going to be farts and someone usually poops. aaand it’s just really all just so perfect, because adding a new baby is the greatest thing and it’s so messy and it’s imperfect and it’s absolutely beautiful. Get all these moments documented, because out of no where baby turns into a little person and there will be a whole new adventures and this one that you’re about to be in will seem so far away.

we will talk about everything from scheduling to location to finding the best light in your home. You'll tell me your ideas and expectations from this session, what are your goals what do you really want and need from our time together. I promise to deliver heart filled photographs of how it felt.

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