My name is Jessamyn, like everyone there are many words that describe me like, the usual: person, beach lover & sleeper inner. I’m also a weird mom to kids that don’t listen, a photographer, a maker, an alright cook and a farmer’s market go-er. I love exploring new places and seeing new things, I live for the beach but I hate sand in my shoes. I cried when I saw ocra's in the wild for the first (and only) time, and I will probably cry every time I see them because it's magic.


I own a bunny named Butter, the best, most amazing bunny in the world. He was my first friend when we moved to Washington. We found him just a few days into our life here in the PNW. He does tricks for treats, and I mean like, actual tricks. He does 2 circles & then walks on his hind legs for yogurt treat. I don't want to brag, but he once made Isla's friend, Kennedy's dreams come true! Her dream was to meet a real live bunny, and there he was, ready to be met! I thought I would never, ever be that person talking so deeply passionate about their pet, but here I am.


I really dig kind people, and I use swear words when kids aren't around. My life goal is to have at least 3 baby bunnies around me at all times, so far not so good. My husband keeps shutting me down. Someday. I'm trying to live my best life and that includes little moments of goodness like the first sprinkler run of summer, really good movies, rainy days, occasional naps, exploring,  and wearing Birk's with leggings.

I have these two kids, Cooper & Isla. They could not be any more different. Cooper runs anytime I try to take a picture of him or gives a weird face. Currently have to pay him with actual cash if I want a nice picture. Isla, saucy and a whirlwind of drama! She is wild! They make me crazy and my heart is so full all in the same breath, they are the reason I am a photographer. Documenting their moments is such a joy, being able to look back at the minutes that flew by so quickly is something I will forever be grateful for. These two never listen, and I mean like seriously never. Every single day is a struggle. Kids just don't listen. Well, some kids do listen. But mine definitely don't! ha! They are really, really cute though, so it makes up for it! #momgoggles

One evening before bedtime these two were playing and jumping on the bed & I decided to grab my camera & I got this moment of giggles.

This image will forever be a favorite and it it is printed BIG in my home.

This is just totally them. complete weirdos. I rarely make them hold still for any pictures because it's just not what their hearts look like but occassionally we need to send off a few pictures of their faces to the grammies & this is what I get...I can't say I'm mad though, they're reallt cute.

Butter Bunny.

pure talent, sweetest heart & so, so soft.

loved by literally everyone.


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serving the washington peninsula & beyond

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