Hey, I’m Jessamyn.
I photograph with the intent on finding the little moments and highlighting them. My hope is that when you see photographs from our time together you will remember how it felt.

I’m a bunny person. Always down to adventure. Learning and evolving. Sauntering through parenting with my person.
You get in touch with me here, I’ll send over details and we go from there!
family photography

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Jessamyn Rasmussen -  lifestyle family photographer located in Bremerton Washington. will travel to where you are to tell your story.

Bunny person, teller of bad jokes & lover of naps.
The experience
Connection is the everything. Honest photographs of how it feels to be in love, to love your people. Trust my process and
I will deliver you photographs that get you right in the feels.

Will you pose us?
I will help keep things flowing by making suggestions and prompts. I find that this helps everything flow, play is a big part
of my process and it really helps kiddos feel at ease.

What if my kids are wild or really shy? Or what if they cry?!
Good news friend, I have seen it all. I have some tricks up my sleeve and all you need to do is show up full of love for your
people. I want your babes to feel comfortable so they can be themselves, all I need for mom & dad to do is relax and trust
the process. We’re documenting your family being a family.

Do you travel?
Yep, if I’m available, we can make it work.

Where will we shoot?
We’ll talk before our session to determine the vibe and tone of your session. If you have a special space your feel connected
with let’s go there, otherwise I will scout around for locations and find the spot that feels right. Shooting in your home is
always amazing too!

How many images can I expect?
I want you to have all the ones that tell your story, I’m not going to hold back. The laughs and moments, that bring you back
to those feels. This ranges from 75 - 100 images for a lifestyle session.

What do we wear?
Wear what you feel really good in, whatever that is. Let the kids wear what they feel good in. Whatever your vibe is, it will
work perfectly. I’m

How do we prepare?
We’ll chat about everything before our time together. I’m here to answer all your questions and address your worries.
Your home does not need to be perfect, you live there and it’s ok if it shows. We’ll schedule for the best time, around nap
times and snack breaks are always welcome.

How do I book?